Your customers want the best treatment they can get. And they know they can get it. Mobile device usage, social media and a globalized market have made the fashion sales industry more competitive than ever.

Even though styles change every season, that is not the the biggest change happening in the fashion industry. Empowered customers are making decisions in the blink of an eye. They consume informations online, on their mobile and on social media.

Being prepared is not easy, but it can get a lot easier with the tools we provide. It makes a great difference to be able to present your products in the best way you can and integrate marketing campaigns throughout channels.

Main Benefits

There are many aspects to help your customer get the best retail experience, but some of the features we can provide you with really stand out.

Organize and showcase

Using our tools you can create advanced filters so customers can dig through thousands of products and get just the right one. Metromind supports a high granularity level for product characteristics, including color swatches, highly detailed product photos, videos and other rich media.

Hear their voice

By using our customer reviews tool, you can let your audience tell you what they like and what they don’t. Pay attention to emerging trends and adapt your product line-up accordingly.

The Metromind Platform works end-to-end on the Retail Supply Chain:

Omnichannel Retailing

Increase order value

By showcasing outfits rather than just products you can increase conversion rate and also advise buyers on how to choose the right mix.

An adaptive recommendations algorithm recommends the best choice for alternate products. This way customers can get the right products without having to spend too much time.

Make the right marketing choices

It’s easy to treat your customers great when you have the right tools. Optimized marketing tools are available with Metromind and you can set up your marketing campaign easily.

With our omnichannel retail platform you can offer discounts, personalize offers, allow customers to collect loyalty rewards, run flash sales and many more.

Pop-up shop ready

Say you’ve decided to try a new location with a temporary pop-up store. With the Metromind platform you can quickly integrate this pop-up store with your overall operations. Inventory setup, logistics and marketing options can be set up in a matter of minutes. The best thing – everything is connected. You can start selling right away. You can pick up orders and deliver them to your customers’ designated addresses, direct them to nearby larger stores or offer them the opportunity to order online when goods are not available on the premises.

With Metromind you can accept payments in pop-up stores, connect the POS to the central system and enable loyalty programs to run seamless.

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