Omnichannel Retail in the Cloud

cloud-platformToday’s retailers have to face rapid change and continuos innovation. It’s pretty hard to do that when you have to manage resources internally. Managing hardware and software solutions, updating and upgrading can all be tedious, time and resources consuming.

With Metromind, all past issues are gone as our solution works in the cloud. With Metromind you get to access your application anytime, anywhere. Your customers are always connected, updates and upgrades are delivered instantly and your IT backbone is always up to date.

Metromind omnichannel retail solutions are developed on a scalable cloud infrastructure. By using this model we can provide fast access to data globally and a secure experience for your customers and your company.

We license our solutions as SaaS (Software as a Service). This means that you get access to the application faster, there are no hidden setup costs and you don’t have to worry about hardware infrastructure, backups and others. The best thing: you pay exactly what you need.

Our cloud solution allows companies to improve their business operations, marketing policies and customer care, without having to squander resources on internal infrastructure, expensive software and R&D.

Everything happens in real time

Using our cloud solution you get access to real time data and see orders as they flow in. All sales channels, all stores, the webstore, call center operations, mobile apps -they all slide into one centralized system. As everything is connected, data flows and gets reported in real time so your company can make the right decision. In real time.


  • Access to a global CDN (content delivery network)
  • Instant updates and upgrades
  • Access data anywhere, anytime
  • Service customers anywhere, anytime
  • Scalable infrastructure
  • Connect all sales channels
  • Innovation delivered through the cloud

Cloud omnichannel retail: everything is connected, everything is instant


It's scalable

Your growth strategy and your budget can now both get along. Our content delivery network provides global server support. You get the infrastructure you need, at the right time. No need to worry about building data centers, hosting and accessing data or connecting retail touch points. Metromind’s infrastructure is built to handle your needs and scale with you.

It's secure

We know how important data security and privacy are. That’s why we’ve built our cloud application to handle all your security needs. The system is built to handle all incoming traffic and perform well even under heavy stress conditions.

It's fast

Using our cloud architecture, you’re development is turbo-charged. Metromind provides reliable and fast implementation, up-to-date innovations and fast response time. By combining our know-how, our technology and our system architecture we are able to help your company use one of the fastest omnichannel retail platform available.

Secure and Always Available

Our services are offered through a platform which operates on a cloud-based infrastructure. Our servers are hosted with a German world leader amongst global web hosting providers, with worldwide presence, offering the highest standard of reliability and security. Your data is stored simultaneously in two high-performance data centers in two separate locations. If one data center fails, the system switches to the second, ensuring your data is always available. We also carry out daily backups of the entire infrastructure for maximum availability.

The data centers are among the most advanced and secure in terms of today’s industry standards. The backup generators, multiple hard drives, cooling systems and gel battery power banks provide real redundancy, so the servers continue to operate even under demanding external conditions. Configurable data firewalls, SSL certificates and manufacturer support complete the package. You can rely on the fact that, even in critical situations, servers remains strong, dependable and secure with 24/7 monitoring.

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