IT Consulting and Engineering Services

Metromind is headquartertered in Düsseldorf, Germany and leverages  IT resources and development in Bucharest, Romania, placing it in a great position to provide best of breed IT solutions and regional and global IT support and project management.

Our company’s mission is to support its customers with IT services and consulting, as well as provide tailored products and cutting edge technology. To do that we focus our efforts on three pillars:

  1. Nearshoring IT Consulting and Engineering Services
  2. Business Process Solutions with Focus on SaaS (Software as a Service)
  3. IT Incubation

Overview and Company Philosophy

Metromind is experienced in providing highly qualified engineering resources for complex IT projects. Our engineers are predominantly deployed in telecommunications, IT, retail and the automotive sectors.

We engage in industries growing at a fast pace, with companies that experience IT resource constraints, especially in the areas of project management, architecture, development, deployment and testing.

In terms of company philosophy we focus on developing long term customer relationships in complex projects. We add value via system architecture, design and implementation.

Metromind’s rigorous engineering personnel selection is a guarantee for development quality and on-time delivery. Moreover, we provide a fast response to customer needs with matching resources.

Main Service Proposition

Project management, system analysis and design, requirements, release and error management, architecture, development, maintenance and testing

Combination of senior and mature project managers, analysts, developers and designers with young developers and testers

Nearshoring and/or on-site local development (flexible location deployment)

Several years of experience in manning of projects in Germany with engineers from Romania

Participation in projects for large multinational corporations and mid-size companies

Excellent local network and recruitment base in Romania, access to highly qualified personnel, strict and demanding selection criteria, personnel with very good English language skills

Large number of resources with basic or good German language skills

Competitive rates and turn-key project packages

Why Metromind in Romania? Background IT Industry in Romania

  • U country, no restrictions in working and traveling abroad within EU
  • Highly educated and talented young generation
  • European leader in IT specialists per capita, sixth in the world (density per capita higher than USA)
  • 119.000 graduates in ITC, 2/3 in Bucharest
  • EUR 9.4 bn ITC industry in 2011 (EUR 5 bn per in export ITC services)
  • Graduates excelling in mathematics and physics
  • 3rd largest software resources exporter after India and China
  • Low cost outsourcing (nearshoring) by all major IT companies (IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, SAP, Accenture, BearingPoint, Metro Systems)
  • 2-3 foreign languages spoken; typically very good command of English

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